Four Kayaks You Should Try Under $600

Let's face it. Not everyone has tons of coin to drop on kayaks. I'm one of those guys. I've horse traded my way to where I am and it's taken almost 11 years to do it. Don't think for a second that it's all glitz and glam here. For you, the guy slugging away 50 hours a week for 50% of what you're worth, I know that money in your pocket is never enough but the sweet release that fishing gives you keeps you going. I know what getting off the banks and on the lakes could do for you. With that first paddle stroke you'll know the sweet bliss of kayak fishing. I do however want to make sure you spend your hard earned money wisely. You may have this kayak for quite a while. You'll want maximum resale if you do need to sell it and a good fishing platform if you keep it.

So here is the deal. I've made a list of my four favorite kayaks that you can get into for less than $600. I've paddled every single one of these and owned a couple of them. They are good kayaks. Do they have lots of bells and whistles? No. Will they get you on the water? You bet. People can always find used kayaks but this is for those folks who want a brand new kayak. (Please also keep in mind you'll have to buy a paddle, life jacket and whistle in most states if you don't already have them.)

Without further ado, the four kayaks you should try under $600.

1. Perception Pescador 12 Angler- $499

"This stable, easy to paddle sit-on-top kayak comes fully rigged with fishing features needed to hit the water right away. Anglers love the versatile hull design that’s good for tracking on lakes but also maneuvers easily on rivers. The extra large cockpit opening provides plenty of room to work with your tackle and offers easy entry and exit."- from Perception

2. Heritage Angler 12- $499

"The Heritage Angler 12' Sit-On-Top Kayak is designed with a Scotty Spin-Cast vertical rod holder in front of the paddler and 2 recessed, flush-mount rod holders behind the seat to offer a variety of fishing positions. The kayak also features small and large storage compartments and a stern tank to hold your valuables while you fish, while the back band allows you to stand upright."- from

3. Old Town Vapor 10 Angler- $399

"Anglers looking for a compact kayak that can carry a load will love the Vapor 10 Angler. This kayak offers a stable, yet efficient ride. The large cockpit opening is designed for a comfortable yet reassuring ride. Equipped with a comfortable seat, flush mounted rod holders, and an anchor trolley system, the Vapor 10 Angler goes beyond the basics. Perfect for anglers and sportsmen, the Vapor 10 Angler is great for those just learning how to paddle."- from Old Town

4. Native Watercraft Redfish 12- $599

"Light, agile and comfortable, the Redfish 12 can easily get you and all your gear to the best fishing spots. Explore the areas denied to larger watercraft or enjoy the open water. The scuppers even let you quickly drain away water when paddling in the surf. Performance Promise - Stable ride - Sit-on-top convenience — easy on/off - Comfortable support for rear end and lower back - Seat self-drains and vents - Boat self-bails - Ideal for flat water and rivers" - from Native

Is there something on the list you think I missed? Let me know about it in the comments section or on Facebook. The link is in the top right hand corner.


Roger said...

About 2 years ago I picked up the Old Town Angler. Tricked it out myself.Great value.

Robert Broxton said...

Thanks! Another great article.

rodrig45 said...

I like your picks, Chris. The best endorsement for the Pescador is that Shane Davies uses them for his fleet. He says they're the best bang for your buck out there. I guess you agree.

Chris Payne said...

Thanks for reading guys. I liked the Vapor I owned, just needed something a little bigger with some additional storage space (I'm a pack rat). And B, I definitely agree the Pescador is a great value.

Sam said...

Love the Pescador, although, it is tight on space when you are in the ocean, with bait and plugs etc. It's great to handle and lift to place it on the j rack.

Ken Maylin said...

Hey great article ! I have been doing research for my first yak purchase. Any advise on comparing the Emotion Mojo and the Heritage angler 12 ?. Both seem to be good yaks and the mojo is $75 more @ $575. Tia, Ken